Gourmet delicacies

Take the opportunity during your stay at Le Domaine de la Corniche to discover other charming restaurants around Giverny.
They all serve quality food in exceptional settings.

Restaurant La Ruche, escale gourmande Giverny

La Ruche

La Ruche (French word for ‘beehive’) is a hive of activity where you are served quality gourmet pastries, delicatessen goods or the ideal place to go if you are just looking for a fancy tea room.

Open all year round

Restaurant La Capitainerie, escale gourmande Giverny

La Capitainerie

Stop off at Vernon’s gourmet restaurant not only for the lovely view of the river Seine and the old mill, but also for its fine selection of fresh fish and bistro-gourmet cuisine.

Open all year round

Moulin de Fourges, escale gourmandande Giverny

Le Moulin de Fourges

Located at the heart of Vexin National Park, Le Moulin de Fourges is an 18th century heritage property with half-timbered rooms, its ancient mill and magnificent terrace. It is one of the region’s prized restaurants thanks to its traditional, gourmet cuisine.

open from late march to late october

Les Canisses, escale gourmande Giverny

Les Canisses

A former stop-off for boats sailing on the Seine, Les Canisses is a modern ‘guinguette’ (a French word that refers to a typical riverside café where people came to lunch and dance in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as depicted in Maupassant’s novels or Renoir’s paintings.) This incredible restaurant is a must – it has fabulous food, a fantastic waterfront terrace and amusing pedal-boat rides.

Open from late march to late october


Proche de Giverny en Normandie. Séjour dans la région des impressionnistes Proche de Giverny en Normandie. Loisirs au bord de l'eau et croisières sur la Seine.

Welcome in the region of the impressionists, cradle of Claude
, the second most-visited site in Normandy.